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The Entring Book of Roger Morrice [1677-1691]


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Compiled between the years 1677 and 1691, the Entring Book is 900,000 words long, with many sensitive passages written in a secret shorthand that has only recently been decoded. This remarkable chronicle of public affairs has remained for nearly three centuries, secure but little known, in Dr Williams's Library, London.
The Entring Book fits no simple definition. It is not just a political diary, nor is it only the newsletter it sometimes resembles. It's possible that it could have been the material for a history of Morrice's own times, or it may have been a letterbook, recording correspondence to an unnamed recipient. Writing in great detail, with meticulous regularity, Morrice may have been passing on all he knew to senior figures in the opposition to Charles II and James II.
The Entring Book's enormous scope means it also covers publishing, plays, business, military and religious matters, foreign affairs, public opinion and London life, making it an essential resource. Through it we can trace the transformation of puritanism into Whiggery and Dissent.


In Roger Morrice's massive Entring Book, scholars working on the politics, religion and culture of the seventeenth century now have access to an essential resource in an accessible format for the first time.
This is an edition of the highest standards, as befits a source of fundamental importance. It has been meticulously prepared and elegantly produced. [...] The Entring Book will be the most useful of resources for all students of the later seventeenth century. HISTORY
[A] splendid edition. [...] There is very much to applaud, especially Mark Goldie's introductory volume, a substantial work of detection, description and interpretation written with characteristic poise and precision. [...] A resource which scholars will plunder for ever after. This edition of Roger Morrice now becomes an, perhaps the, essential starting point for researchers of the political and religious turmoil under Charles II and James II. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT


First Published: 21 Jul 2007
13 Digit ISBN: 9781843832447
Pages: 3216
Size: 24.4 x 17.2
Binding: Hardback
Imprint: Boydell Press
Subject: Early Modern History

Details updated on 03 Sep 2011


  • 1  Volume I: Roger Morrice and the Puritan Whigs
  • 2  Volume II: The Reign of Charles II, 1677-1685
  • 3  Volume III: The Reign of James II, 1685-1687
  • 4  Volume IV: The Reign of James II, 1687-1689
  • 5  Volume V: The Reign of William III, 1689-1691
  • 6  Volume VI: Biographical Dictionary

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