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Africa Shoots Back

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Filmmakers in sub-Saharan francophone Africa have been using cinema since independence in the sixties to challenge existing Western stereotypes of the continent. The author shows how directors working in a postcolonial context that has inevitably influenced film agendas and styles have produced a range of alternative, challenging representations.
This well illustrated book focuses on the ways in which memory and history have become central themes and how local cultural forms have been integrated into the film medium to depict African identities, realities and concerns. By highlighting the importance of the representation and cultural identity questions, filmmakers are seen to have forged new cinematic codes and given voice to hitherto silenced groups such as women or African immigrant populations in Europe.

North America: Indiana U Press

No US rights


Thackway's text is an excellent source in every regard - as an introduction to the subject, as a reference for serious scholars, and as an assigned text in an undergraduate or graduate course. - Patrick Day in AFRICAN STUDIES QUARTERLY incredibly well-researched and authoritatively validated text on some of the most memorable films that have come out of Africa... along with appropriate illustrations and very well researched material this book will take long to be eclipsed as it further proves that there are many cinemas to be found in the continent and the Francophone is only one. - Martin Mhando in ARAS Australia
...contains an extended discussion of the position of women in the films from Francophone Africa. A few women filmmakers have gained wide recognition. Most of their films are documentaries or semidocumentaries and it is striking how most male directors pursue a similar progressive agenda in their feature films. As Thackway concludes, these films by women or about women offer a radically new perspective on their lives and concerns. ...They will give fresh impetus to the study and teaching of African film and may well lead the way toward a wider appreciation of four decades of African filmmaking. - Joseph Gugler in AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW
The main strengths of this volume lie in the specific focus on francophone African films, and the author's account of newer films which updates the current published literature. As an addition to the growing body of literature on African film, its accessibility should make it useful to students and lecturers as part of a broader discussion forum. - Frances Harding in MODERN AFRICAN STUDIES


First Published: 06 Nov 2003
13 Digit ISBN: 9780852555774
49 black and white illustrations
Pages: 240
Size: 21.6 x 18.5
Binding: Hardback
Imprint: James Currey
BIC Class: GTB

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