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Adjustment, Employment and Missing Institutions in Africa

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The essays concentrate on Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, where less than ten per cent of the labour force work in the formal sector, as compared with some 20 to 40 per cent in the 1960s. The labour force is growing at a faster rate than the creation of new jobs, leading to increased informalization of the economy, but there is a lack of institutions to implement any economic policy reform or to provide the necessary supply response to such policies. Public sector workers have been reduced but there have not been enough jobs to compensate in the rest of the formal sector; meanwhile, the education and training institutions have difficulty in providing the skills needed for the restructured markets. The consensus of opinion in these articles is that the lack of institutions, of democratic policy making, and of consultation among major social groups has seriously undermined the implementation of reform policies.

North America: ILO/Brookings Institution

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... a highly recommended collection of essays which emphasises that unemployment and impoverishment are not only extensive and extreme, but have been exacerbated by previous reforms. - Scott MacWilliam in ASAAP
This may sound like yet another reiteration of 'Afro-pessimism'. But the very fact that Africans faced with difficulties of this magnitude have succeeded in one way or another to find survival strategies would constitute a hope for the future. The challenge is how policy-makers in donor agencies and national governments can understand the coping mechanisms of the people in Africa and harness their energies in appropriate ways. Here, participatory research has an important role to play, and this book provides a useful source of relevant information. - Fumihiko Saito in DEVELOPMENT POLICY REVIEW


First Published: 01 Jan 1999
13 Digit ISBN: 9780852551615
Pages: 288
Size: 23.4 x 15.6
Binding: Paperback
Imprint: James Currey
BIC Class: GTB

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