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Rites of Passage


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'Rites of passage' is a term and concept more used than considered. Here, for the first time, its implications are applied and tested in the field of medieval studies: medievalists from a range of disciplines consider the various theoretical models - folklorist, anthropological, psychoanalytical - that can be used to analyse cultures of transition in the history and literature of fourteenth-century Europe. Ranging over a wide variety of texts, from chronicles to romances, from priests' manuals to courtesy books, from state records to the writings of Chaucer, Gower and Froissart, the contributors identify and analyse medieval attitudes to the process of change in lifecycle, status, gender and power. A substantive introduction by Miri Rubin draws together the ideas and materials discussed in the book to illustrate the relevance and importance of anthropology to the study of medieval culture. Contributors: JOEL BURDEN, PATRICIA CULLUM, ISABEL DAVIS, JANE GILBERT, SARAH KAY, MARK ORMROD, HELEN PHILLIPS, MIRI RUBIN, SHARON WELLS. NICOLA F. McDONALD is Lecturer in Medieval Literature, W.M ORMROD Professor of Medieval History, University of York.


First Published: 15 Nov 2004
13 Digit ISBN: 9781903153154
Pages: 186
Size: 23.4 x 15.6
Binding: Hardback
Imprint: York Medieval Press
Series: York Medieval Press
Subject: Medieval History
BIC Class: HBLC1

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  • 1  Introduction: Rites of Passage
  • 2  Re-writing a Rite of Passage: The Peculiar Funeral of Edward II
  • 3  Coming to Kingship: Boy Kings and the Passage to Power in Fourteenth-Century England
  • 4  Boy/Man into Clerk/Priest: The Making of the Late Medieval Clergy
  • 5  Manners Maketh Man: Living, Dining and Becoming a Man in the Later Middle Ages
  • 6  Rites of Passage in French and English Romances
  • 7  Becoming Woman in Chaucer: `On ne naît pas femme, on le meurt'
  • 8  John Gower's Fear of Flying: Transitional Masculinities in the Confessio Amantis<\I>
  • 9  `Le moment de conclure': Initiation as Retrospection in Froissart's Dits amoureux<\I>