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A Companion to Goethe's Faust
Parts I & II
Edited by Paul Bishop

Cutting-edge criticism on major aspects of Goethe's best-known work.


A Companion to the Works of Franz Kafka
Edited by Stephen M. Hart, Wen-chin Ouyang

A refreshing new interdisciplinary slant on magical realism as an international literary phenomenon emerging from the trauma of colonial dispossession.


A Companion to the Works of Rainer Maria Rilke
Edited by Erika A. Metzger, Michael M. Metzger

Illuminates the major aspects of the works of Germany's greatest 20th-century poet.


A Companion to the Works of Thomas Mann
Edited by Herbert Lehnert, Eva

Sixteen new, carefully focused essays on the prose works of one of the great writers of modernity.


A Companion to Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain
Edited by Stephen D. Dowden

Volume offering a guide to and reassessment of Thomas Mann's famous novel.


An Anthology of German Novellas
Edited by Siegfried Weing

Collection of sixteen German novellas from the 17th to the 20th century in the original language, showing the wide range of the genre, and fully glossed.


Cultural History through a National Socialist Lens
Essays on the Cinema of the Third Reich
Edited by Robert Reimer

A fascinating look at Nazi Germany as revealed in its films.


Freud's Theory and Its Use in Literary and Cultural Studies
An Introduction
Henk de Berg

A genuinely accessible introduction to Freud's theory and its application to literary and cultural studies.


Fritz Lang's Metropolis
Cinematic Visions of Technology & Fear
Edited by Michael Minden, Holger Bachmann

New essays examining the interface between 18th- and 20th-century culture both in Pynchon's novel and in the historical past.

A Critical Theory of the German Idea of Homeland
Peter Blickle

A new analysis of one of the most loaded terms in the German language: Heimat, or Homeland.


Nazi Cinema as Enchantment
The Politics of Entertainment in the Third Reich
Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien

Explores how entertainment cinema served everyday fascism in Nazi Germany.


Reading Goethe
A Critical Introduction to the Literary Work
Martin Swales & Erika Swales

At last an engaging and highly readable guide to the works and significance of Goethe.

The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus
Hans Jacob Christoff Grimmelshausen, Translated by George Schulz-Behrend

Comprehensive survey and analysis of the scholarship and criticism on perhaps the greatest American writer.



Their Pavel
Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach, Translated by Lynne Tatlock, Introduction by Lynne Tatlock

Translation of nineteenth-century novel of life in a still-feudal Moravian village.