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A Dictionary of Fabulous Beasts
Richard Barber, Anne Riches

Mythical creatures drawn largely from medieval travellers' tales, but encompassing civilisations from the Sumerians to the Wild West.

Glory, Laud and Honour
The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation
Graham Parry

A wide-ranging survey of the brief revival of religious art, architecture, music, and literature during the Counter-Reformation..


Head, Heart and Hand
Elbert Hubbard & the Roycrofters
Edited by Maria Via & Marjorie Searl

Catalog for first major exhibition devoted to work of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft community in upstate New York in the late 19th- early 20th century.


The Green Man
Kathleen Basford

Delightful, oft-reprinted guide to the foliate heads so common in medieval sculpture. This was the first-ever monograph dedicated to the Green Man.

Seeing America
Painting & Sculpture from the Collection of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester
Majorie Searl

A stunning, full-color volume that examines 82 pieces in the University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery's American collection and their connections to American history, culture, literature, and politics.